Unusual city tour in Paris


we will always advise you to visit the most famous tourist sites of Paris because they are iconic, we know that some people will love to have an other look at the city. Here are 5 places interesting and fun to see other than the Eiffel Tower and the arc of triumph.

The catacombes

When visiting Paris, most people will be visiting the city above the ground. Which makes sense. But did you know that you could also visit the city from its underground?

A true maze where you better not leave the main path of 1,500 meters long and 20 meters deep.

The catacombs also shelters an ossuary containing the remains of several million Parisians.

Yes, the hundreds of skulls you’ll see are real. It’s sounds creepy right?!

Good. We said unusual tour!

1 av. du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy 75014 Par

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Photo de Chelms Varthoumlien sur Unsplash

Lutèce Arena

This might not be the spot where you’ll spend most of your time, but, isn’t it cool to see an arena from the Roman Empire still holding?! It’s a quiet place that you should see at least once. A piece of history in the center of Paris where gladiators used to fight.

49 rue Monge, 75005 Paris.


Is an area that definitely has to be on your list. It will transport you out of time as the area was built in 1790 during the revolution. It hasn’t been changed and kept the architectural style of the old Paris. Plenty of restaurant and artisan stores to discover. Also, do not miss the « passage du grand cerf » to have the full experience of the area. Go there and have a walk, lose yourself in the tiny streets for a couple hours, you won’t regret it.

Rue Montorgeuil, 75002 Paris.

Pastry Stohrer

While you’re there, make a stop in the oldest pastry of the city to taste their delicious creations. Started in 1730 by Nicolas Stohrer, Louis the XV’s pastry chef, you’ll enjoy an amazing snack in a sumptuous decor classified as a Historic Monument.

It is where the famous « Babas au rhum » was invented.

51 rue Montorgueil, Paris 75002.

The fairground museum 

I kept this one for the finale. Literally my favorite place of Paris.

On booking only, the fairground museum is a wonderful trip to the performing arts of the 19th and 20th centuries. You will discover a unique collection of objects from this era that will give you a feeling of timetravel.

« Laughter and parties did not have a museum, yet so many are dedicated to wars. I created a world of dreams that could not have existed without the visitors who brought it to life. »


The museum even offers the possibility to play with centenary attractions or ride old merry-go-rounds. I believe this is something unique and very different from all the king’s museums and things that might be interesting but redundant if you go to severals.

Like I said above, it’s on booking only so make sure to check the availabilities before arriving in Paris.

53 Avenue des terroirs de France – 75012 Paris.

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