Why are we providing Mercedes-Benz vehicles?


the ages, Mercedes cars have always been the best option for luxury transportation. If you look closely, wether it’s in movies or tv news, most of the time a chauffeur will be involve, you’ll see a black Mercedes. Mercedes has a huge focus on the luxury aspect of their cars. Their interiors have always been, as we say in French: « La crème de la crème ». Reliability, quality, luxury, performance, safety, advanced technology, here are the adjectives that the brand always been associated with. Some standards will never change, and this is why Paris by LS provides Mercedes vehicles rentals with chauffeurs. But you might wonder which one to chose between the E, V or S-class? Let’s see below which one will fit your expectations the best.

The E-Class

The E-Class is the first step into the world of Mercedes-Benz’s luxury. But first step doesn’t mean inferior at all. The E-Class is a sedan vehicle offering enough room for the passengers, comport, security, all of that in a very elegant vehicle. Our passengers loves to rent it for events such as Fashion week, weddings, movie awards events, business meetings and city tours. It’s one of the most rented vehicle and always a safe bet.

e class mercedes in paris place Vendôme luxury service for the fashion week, private service for models and VIP
E class mercedes rental with a chauffeur. Paris city tour chauffeur hire private car service

The V-Class

The V-Class is of course the most rented vehicle for groups. It allows you not to worry about capacity. Seats are disposed face to face creating a perfect environment for business groups. It is one of the favorite rented vehicle of our VIP passengers especially artists, film production teams and royal family members. Some of our clients will even rent if for 2 or 3 passengers only because of its comfort or when they have several luggages. We can also dedicate a V-Class for luggages only when needed.

Hire a V Class with a chauffeur in paris for the day from CDG airport to Paris hotel

The S-Class

The level of luxury that the S-Class offers is unmatched. The vehicle is extremely elegant, spacious, very well soundproofed and the seats are so comfortable. Our passengers loves to use it for any kind of needs from business meetings to events, airport transfers or tourism. Most people will describe it as a « rolling lounge ». Long distance transfers are also way much easier in an S-Class Mercedes thanks to it’s 5,29 meters long. The best way to compare the comfort of an S-Class would be to compare it to a first class flight. It is without any doubts the definitive vehicle for luxury transportation.

Don’t wait any longer and book your Mercedes E, S or V-Class vehicle with driver now on the reservation” page of our website by selecting “hourly car hire with driver”.

S class and E class mercedes in paris at Shangri la hotel palace hourly service for VIP CEO
private service in paris for VIP CEO business man business woman. Luxury vehicle rental with driver.

Paris by LS offers luxury car rental services with driver. We provide Mercedes E, S and V-Class and are available 24/7 on booking.

We adapt to your request and can accompany you during your events such as: weddings, wedding anniversaries, baptisms, bachelor/bachelorette parties, professional events, seminars, funerals, fashion shows, seminars or any other event of your choice.

We also offer airport/station transfers, city transfers, transfers to Marne-la-Vallée, La Vallée Village, Disneyland Paris and hourly rental with driver.

If you wish, we can also drive you over long distances to visit the most beautiful regions of France.

Book your tourist excursions to Normandy, Champagne, the Loire Valley castles, Deauville, Honfleur, the house of Claude Monet Giverny, Mont-Saint-Michel, Epernay, Reims and even our neighboring countries like the Netherlands Amsterdam, Switzerland Geneva or Belgium Brussels.

s class limousine service with a luxury private chauffeur for the week in Paris

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Through the ages, Mercedes cars have always been the best option for luxury transportation. If you look closely, wether it’s in movies or tv news, most of the time a chauffeur will be involve, you’ll see a black Mercedes. Mercedes has a huge focus on the

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